Commissioning / Energy Services


The Energy Services department was recently implemented to address the rising need for our customers to reduce their energy costs. The services provided by this department include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Recommissioning/Engineering Assistance Studies
  • Commissioning/Recommissioning
  • Financing Process Assistance
  • Operation Monitoring and Verification.

The final goal of these services is to identify and implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECOs) for our customers.

For existing buildings, Gilbert will perform a recommissioning study as follows:

  1. Perform building energy audit
  2. Determine applicable utility rebates
  3. Perform recommissioning study to identify ECOs

Once the recommissioning study is complete and the ECOs identified, Gilbert can implement the measures identified in the study.

For new construction or major renovations, Gilbert will perform an Engineering Assistance Study to identify ECOs to be implemented as part of the original design.

Gilbert recommissioned several buildings in the health care sector that require Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) approval. As a result, those customers have realized significant savings on their energy bills. Those results are summarized in the following documents presented at the 2010 MN Health Engineers Annual Conference:

The MDH has conducted studies showing that typical recommissioning projects result in savings of 5 to 20%, with many measures having simple paybacks of less than one year.

Commissioning and Re-commissioning for LEED

Our commissioning and recommissioning capabilities are just one example of the ways we can help our customers achieve LEED certification. For LEED certification, commissioning is a requirement for new construction and recommissioning is a pre-requisite for existing buildings.


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